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Meet Our Online Partners

Auburn Montgomery Outreach has partnered with a number of online providers to provide high-quality, affordable Online Courses and Online Career Training. Through partnerships with ed2go|GES, Career Step and UGotClass you can develop new skills and knowledge in order to stand out in today's competitive job market. Please see detailed information about each of our Online Training Partners

As a leading online school, Career Step’s vocational training programs provide you with all the resources to develop the skills and knowledge you need to start working after graduation. Career Step provides quality career training programs and continuing education for job opportunities in healthcare, administrative services, and technology.
Comprehensive six-week online courses start monthly, and you can work anytime and anywhere that is convenient for you. Each high-quality course includes comprehensive lessons, quizzes, and a discussion area. Dedicated instructors facilitate every course; pacing learners, answering questions, giving feedback, and facilitating discussions.
The Online Career Training Programs are available to start anytime. They range from three to six months, and many offer an extension period if necessary. Many programs include an industry certification exam, and internship and externship opportunities are available for select programs. The programs are entirely web-based, but expert instructors provide office hours and a quick response to any student questions.