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IT Certificates

IT Certificates

Make yourself more marketable by earning an IT Certification.  Let our computer and technology training staff help you stay ahead of the curve by helping you earn and IT Certification. Acquiring one of these emerging certifications speaks volumes to prospective employers.

Mastering new skills will be increasingly vital in the current technological and economic climate. More than ever, IT professionals are expected to have measurable capabilities. Below is a list of in-demand IT Certifications that can help you demonstrate your expertise in a particular area.

As the global IT industry association, CompTIA builds vendor-neutral certifications that measure foundational skills. They show employers you have the skills to do the job, regardless of the vendor of the hardware or software product. Many of these exams are also prerequisites or electives for more advanced vendor certifications. It really is the starting point for a career in IT. Plus, earning a certification not only proves you have the right skills, but also the dedication and commitment to your career to continue learning.

Current Available CompTia Certifications

  • CompTIA A+ Essentials Certification

  • CompTIA A+ Practical Application Certification

  • CompTIA Security+ Certification

  • CompTIA Advanced Security Practicioner

  • CompTIA Network+ Certification

  • CompTIA Server+ Certification

  • CompTIA A+ Computer Technician Certification¬†(Online)

Now is a great time to set ambitious career goals for yourself in achieving a professional certification is an excellent means to improve your skill set, get more responsibility on the job and earn more money. See an overview on a few of the certifications we offer.

Earning a MCSA certification in 2013 will give you a foundation in basic information technology know how and prepare you for higher Microsoft certifications.

The Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) certification has been created to achieve this level of proficiency. It's considered the foundation-level enterprise Wi-Fi certification for the Certified Wireless Network Professional program and it also acts as a gateway to more senior credentials. As an increasing number of users view wireless connectivity as basic infrastructure and not as an extra bonus, the need for wireless management capability will continue to grow.

Other Certifications