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Executive Leadership FAQ

Executive Leadership FAQ

  • What is this training program?

Our Executive Leadership Development programs are comprehensively designed to meet the ever-increasing needs of organizational leaders. Some of the programs we offer include intensive exploration of individual leadership strengths and weaknesses, team formation, and development, change management, and organizational strategy and planning. We work with your leaders to build cohesion, formulate organizational strategies, and strengthen communication and decision making among executive teams. Executive Leadership Development Programs can be customized for individual leaders who may join together with leaders from various industries and organizations.


  • Who is this for (who would benefit from taking this program)?

Executive Leadership Development programs are targeted to benefit leaders at the highest level of their organization. CEOs, presidents, directors, commissioners and their key leaders are among those who benefit from this intensive, introspective leadership challenge. Once achieved at the top tier of the organization, extending Executive Leadership Development to senior vice presidents, assistant and deputy directors and department heads will drive your organization to achieve its core mission and key goals.


  • What are the benefits of participating?

As a leader, you will have a unique opportunity to look closely at yourself and examine the factors that make you successful, while identifying the blind spots that inhibit your ability to make the most impact across your organization.  Through intensive group discussions and field experiences that place you outside your comfort zone, you will gain a perspective unmatched by any other experience you may have had. 


  • Why is taking this program with SummaSource different from taking it anywhere else?

Participants of our Executive Leadership Development programs tell us that their participation not only changed the way they interacted at work, but challenged them to strengthen all of their relationships – in the community, in their families, with their loved ones.  The program will enhance your accountability as a leader, leaving you called to accomplish great things and impact lives in a way that leaves this world a better place.


  • When do classes start?

The program is scheduled in a format most conducive to you and your team, with minimal disruption to your key operations. 


  • Where are classes held?

Classes can be held onsite or offsite, whichever is most conducive to the participants.  We do find, however, that leaders do better when you learn offsite, away from the distractions of your day-to-day demands.


  • How many people are in a class?

The program works most effectively when we can focus on you and your core leadership team.  Typically, this ends up being no more than 20 leaders.


  • If I enroll my leadership team in the Executive Leadership Development program will they perceive that I think they aren’t capable leaders?

Your leaders should perceive the exact opposite.  In fact, our Executive Leadership Development programs are not remedial.  They are designed for proven leaders who are already successful.  What your team will benefit from is the synergy that comes from learning and growing together, aligned along the same mission and objectives.  You will begin to see each other in ways you previously did not. You will gain trust and respect for one another that will be sustained long after the program ends.


  • How can I be sure that your organization won’t reveal any of the weaknesses that are identified among our team?

Our consultants have been working with leaders for over 20 years.  We are grounded in a deep respect for our clients and adhere to the strictest ethical principles. Of the many practices we take pride in, maintaining the highest level of confidentiality is our top priority.  The work we do with you and your leadership team can be retold only by you.