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Certified Public Manager Training Program



Continuing Education & Community Engagement at Auburn University at Montgomery offers the nationally accredited Certified Public Manager® (CPM) training program which has been providing comprehensive management training to hundreds of leaders across Alabama for more than 25 years.

CPM is a dynamic and engaging training program that develops and enhances the skills of managers through out Alabama. The CPM program utilizes projects and course material that inspire new ways of thinking and innovative approaches to solving problems. Students participate in critical thinking as they explore methods to achieve efficiency gains and cost savings in their agencies. Courses include the following topics to name a few:

  • Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Performance Coaching
  • Building and Leading Teams
  • Managing Public Organizations and Building Partnerships
  • Organizational Problem Solving
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Presentation Skills
  • Leading Organizational Change

Techniques learned in the CPM program can be utilized in any work environment and bring a renewed perspective to work units and agencies as a whole. The Certified Public Manager® program is a vital tool for government organizations, particularly during lean times, as managers are forced to reevaluate their approaches and introduce methods that allow their agencies to save time, effort and money.

CPM training is conducted in two segments:  CPM I and CPM II.  Each segment is presented two days per month over a 9-month period. Total time to complete the certification program is 18 months.


There are two levels of CPM certification:

  • Upon completing CPM I classwork, the management development project and 30 elective hours of credit, participants are awarded an Associate CPM Certificate.
  • Upon completing CPM II classwork, the management development project and 30 additional elective hours (for a total of 60 hours), participants are awarded the Certified Public Manager® designation.


Electives are contact hours for additional training outside of coursework offered through the CPM program that directly complement the topics presented through the CPM program. Electives may be earned from: 

  • Courses attended at Alabama colleges and/or universities 
  • Approved readings such as management-related books and journal articles 
  • Seminars and workshops conducted by your organization or another state agency such as the Alabama State Personnel Department 
  • Professional development conferences you attend through your agency

The Cost of the 9-Month Course;

CPM I: $1800.00* / per participant 
CPM II: $2205.00*/ per participant 
*Costs are subject to change.

2021 CPM Course Schedule 

For CPM I, Track B dates will be available only if enrollment numbers allow adding this second track. This will be determined in January 2021. Each participant will be assigned to either Track A or B after they have registered.

CPM I Track A

CPM I Track B

CPM II Track A

CPM II Track B


Feb 2- 3

Feb 4-5

Feb 16-17

Feb 18-19


Mar 2-3

Mar 4-5

Mar 16-17

Mar 18-19


Apr 6-7

Apr 8-9

Apr 13-14

Apr 15-16


May 4-5

May 6-7

May 11-12

May 13-14


June 8-9

June 10-11

June 15-16

June 17-18


July 13-14

July 15-16

July 20-21

July 22-23


Aug 10-11

Aug 12-13

Aug 24-25

Aug 26-27


Sept 14-15

Sept 16-17

Sept 28-Oct 1 

Solutions Alabama Practice/Event


Oct 5-6

Oct 7-8

Oct 19-20

Oct 21-22




Nov 5 Graduation


Contact Brittany Thomasson for more information at or by phone (334) 244-3804.



What is the Certified Public Manager® (CPM) program?
The Alabama CPM program employs a state-of-the-art approach to enhance the professional and managerial skills of local, state and federal employees who wish to learn the latest management and supervisory techniques to improve their leadership abilities. Participants take part in a sequence of management courses, projects, examinations and relevant electives. 

CPM graduates work across Alabama for: 
Alabama Alcohol Beverage Control Board, Alabama Board of Nursing, Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles, Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center, Alabama Department of Commerce, Alabama Department of Corrections, Alabama Department of Economic & Community Affairs, Alabama Department of Education, Alabama Department of Environmental Management, Alabama Department of Finance, Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences, Alabama Department of Human Resources, Alabama Department of Labor, Alabama Film Office, Alabama Medicaid Agency, Alabama Department of Mental Health, Alabama Department of Public Health, Alabama Department of Public Safety, Alabama Department of Revenue, Alabama Department of Transportation, Alabama Department of Youth Services, Alabama Historical Commission, Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board, Alabama Public Library Service, Alabama Medicaid Agency, Alabama Office of the Governor, Alabama Office of the Secretary of State, Alabama Public Service Commission, Alabama Real Estate Commission, Alabama State Employees Association, Alabama State Employees Insurance Board, Alabama State Personnel Department, Alabama Supercomputer Authority, Alabama Tourism and Travel Bureau, Children's Trust Fund, Credit Union Administration, State Board of Public Accountancy, City of Tuscaloosa 

Do I have to be a manager or supervisor to participate in the program
No. The CPM program requires a high degree of conceptual ability, reading comprehension and written and oral communication capabilities. Individuals with a potential and desire to move into managerial positions may also be chosen for participation based on developmental opportunity. Your supervisor or agency head can assist you in determining if the CPM program is suitable for you. 

How do I register for the program
To learn more about registering for CPM contact us at 334-244-3804.

Will I have to make-up a class in the event I am unable to attend? 
Students must attend all classes offered in order to meet the requirements of the program and successfully complete the CPM program. In the event that a student cannot attend a class, he or she can coordinate with the CPM Program Director. 

How will I be notified of upcoming CPM classes? 
You may check our website regularly for updates or sign up for our mailing list by clicking the link enews sign up and register.

Are there examinations? 
Yes. Through coursework and instructional activities, participants gain the requisite knowledge to successfully complete the exams. 

What is the minimum passing score for an exam? 
Participants must achieve a minimum score of 80. 


CPM participants and graduates recognize the many benefits of networking with colleagues who are committed to maintaining an awareness of professional management standards and the newest developments in the practice of public administration by enrolling as members of the Alabama Society of Certified Public Managers® (ASCPM).

ASCPM Brochure

Membership Information                     

​The membership categories of the ASCPM consist of Active Members and Honorary Members.  To join the Alabama Society of Certified Public Managers® please complete the Membership Form and mail it to ASCPM 75 TechnaCenter Drive, Montgomery, AL  36117.

ASCPM Membership Form


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